About us

Adventure Quest Nepal was founded in 1997 to provide specialised trekking and lodge services to discerning guests. The company primarily operated in the Annapurna region of Nepal which is famed as a recruiting ground for the legendary Gurkha soldiers. It is their famed weapon the Khukuri or curved knife that forms our logo.

Born and raised in the shadow of the Himalayas, the legendary Gurkha regiments have historically been the pride of Nepal. Known as some of the finest soldiers in the world, the hardy Gurkhas carry forward a 200-year tradition of service, loyalty and excellence. We have based our entire Nepal operation on the strict principles and traditions of the Gurkhas as these attributes are wholly compatible with ours. It is only natural that we have made the Gurkhas a central part of our team.

Our directors, guides and lodge managers are former soldiers of this legendary force. They are eager to share their profound understanding of the areas through which we travel. Together with our locally recruited porters and lodge staff, our guests are assured a level of service and care essential to a safe yet exciting adventure.

Adventure Quest Nepal recently merged with the leading Everest operator to form the largest and best trekking company in all areas of Nepal. The new company [the yeti group] also own and operate trekking and expedition companies, lodges, hotels, domestic fixed wing aircraft, a helicopter company and hotels and resorts in Kathmandu and Chitwan. The yeti group are owned by a well known Sherpa family.

Adventure Quest have based their company principles and ethos around these legendary climbers from the Everest region of Nepal. The expedition side of the company has been responsible for organising climbing groups that have climbed every major peak in Nepal including four expeditions a year to Everest. All key members of the company are Sherpas and have an extensive knowledge of their region.

Our expedition and trekking experience has allowed us to expand our operations into the neighbouring countries of Tibet, Bhutan and India where we have linked up with equally formidable operators allowing us to provide the same level of service and expertise that is the core principle of our company. Together we look after in excess of six thousand clients a year.


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