Mustang Biking

17 Days/16 Nights

Trip Overview

Trips can be included pre or post treks or they can be stand alone. They are generally operated in the main tourist areas of Nepal so that accommodation can be arranged in tea houses or lodges. Our bikes are foreign made and we have a full support staff who will travel with you.


Outline Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2 Stay at Kathmandu

Day 3 Fly to Jomsom

Day 4 Kagbeni - Chele

Day 5 Chele - Shangmochen

Day 6 Shangmochen - Dhakamar

Day 7 Dhakamar - Lo manthang

Day 8 Lo – Manthang - Shhosar Village - Lo – Manthang

Day 9 Lo – Manthang

Day 10 Lo – Manthang

Day 11 Lo Manthang - Charang

Day 12 Charang - Shangmochen

Day 13 Shang Mochen - Chuksang

Day 14 Chuksang - Jomsom

Day 15 Flight to Pokhara

Day 16 Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 17 Stay at Kathmandu

Full Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2: Stay at Kathmandu

Day 3 : Fly to Jomsom

Early morning Flight to Jomsom 20 minute fly with amazing view of Annapurna, and Dhawalagiri Himal over eight thousand meter and we have a break fast in a good restaurant in Jomsom, if we fly quite early in the morning from pokhara, and same time we fix bike then ride on jeep road to kagbeni 10km, 200hm (2800m)

Day 4: Kagbeni - Chele

Kagbeni bike to Chele 15km, 500hm, 5 hours total time include lunch stop camp 3050m

Day 5: Chele - Shangmochen

Chele bike to Shangmochen 10km, 950hm, 6 hours ride and push 3670m,

Day 6: Shangmochen - Dhakamar

Shangmochen Bike to Dhakamar 15km, 700hm, 6hours ride and push 3750m

Day 7: Dhakamar - Lo manthang

Dhakmar bike to Lo manthang Via Ghar Gompa 12km, 800hm, 5hours ride and push 3700m,

Day 8: Lo – Manthang - Shhosar Village - Lo – Manthang

Bike to Shhosar Village visit Gompas and back to Lo – Manthang Via, Namdrul Village, this is a very nice round day trip 18km, 400hm, 95% ride it doesn’t take long time but there are many things to see in between so you can take your time and highest pass is 3950m, Tented Camp, or Guest house in Lo – Manthang,

Day 9: Lo – Manthang

Day 10: Lo – Manthang

Day 11: Lo Manthang - Charang

Day 12: Charang - Shangmochen

Day 13: Shang Mochen - Chuksang

Day 14: Chuksang - Jomsom

Day 15: Flight to Pokhara

Day 16 : Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 17: Stay at Kathmandu

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