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Our Story

Our story begings with a couples passion - a passion for the greatest mountains in the world: the Himalaya. As guides and adventurers husband and wife team Sonam and Pasang Lamu Sherpa spent many years exploring the Himalaya's magical valleys and ancient ways, setting the standards for mountaineering and climbing these magnificent peaks.

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Sherpa people

The Sherpa people have traditionally been known as 'the guardians of the Himalaya'. As Sherpa, we know and love this region and it is in this role that Sonam wished to share this knowledge and love with others. On his return from a season work in the French Alps, he knew he had to turn this journey of the imagination into a reality. In Sonam words "it was when standing on the summit of the 6,632m peak, Thamserku, that I decided to form a company that would offer everyone the opportunity to discover and appreciate the beauty and challenge of these awe inspiring mountains." And so the Thamserku Company was born, establishing itself in a tiny office in central Kathmandu.

Adventure Specialists

Within the first year Thamserku attracted a young French trekking company, Allibert, and Ralf Dujmovits Amical Alpin. From the early days of just 18 intrepid French trekkers to over 1000 clients in 2009 the companies have grown hand-in-hand over the years, developing into highly successful, world renowned adventure specialists.

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first Everest summit attempt.

With Thamserku beginning to grow, Sonam's brothers, Ang Tschering and Ang Tendi, joined in 1992 adding more skills and capacity to the hard-working team. This year Thamserku won third biggest adventure company in Nepal. In the same year Pasang Lamu Sherpa led Thamserku's first Everest summit attempt. As the first Nepali woman to summit Mount Everest, Pasang Lamu Sherpa still holds a firm place in her countrymen's hearts and history. Although tragically she died on descent her inspiration and passion live on through Thamserku. Tragedy struck again in 2001 with Ang Tendi losing his life in a helicopter crash whilst attempting a rescue of stranded high-altitude mountaineers.

The world recognised

Despite these losses Thamserku began to expand rapidly as trekkers and mountaineers from around the world recognised the company's pioneering, outstanding services. In 1994 they moved into a large office complex in Kamal Pokhara then, outgrowing this space, moved to the present location in Basundhara three years later.

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Thai Everest Expedition

In the intervening years Thamserku has achieved many notable firsts: supporting the Philippino National team to make their world first female traverse of the Everest summit ridge; a Thai Everest Expedition to mark the King's 80th birthday in 2008; several large French and German Everest summit teams; a British medical team summiting Everest from the south side in 2002; First Iranian men & woman expeditions on Everest, First Greece, First French woman in 1990, Ralf Dujmovit's on all the Nepalese and Tibetan 8000m peaks during his successful bid to become the first German to summit 14 of the world's highest mountains. And most recently both Spain's Edurne Pasuban and, separately, Austria's Gerlinde Dujmovit as they compete to conquer the fourteen 8000ers – the first women to do so.

More than 4000 clients

We now deliver top quality trekking holiday Services to more than 4000 clients each year with our agents in 9 countries. Our story is still about family; a family of highly and skilled, experienced cooks, guides and adventure specialist led by Sonam and son, Namgyal. We work in close alliance with our sister companies: Yeti Airlines & Yeti Mountain home to provide a second to none all round services for travellers in Nepal.

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Thamserku group of companies

Today We Thamserku group of companies (Thamserku Trekking, Thamserku Expedition & Luxe Nepal) offer agents, climbers and clients an unparalled range and depth of services. From Classic trekking program, to wild and exciting journeys in the remote and untamed mountains, easy peaks and the 8000 ers, its all part of our services for people all over the world.