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Yeti Mountain


Yeti Mountain Home is a group of luxury lodges situated on a classic trekking route in the Khumbu/Everest region of Nepal. A league apart from the traditional teahouse experience, Yeti Mountain Home Lodges provide indulgent comfort, high quality cuisine and a very warm Sherpa welcome to weary trekkers. Situated in stunning positions amongst the world's highest mountains and reachable by wonderful trekking trails the six YMH Lodges offers modern creature comforts in the rich, lustrous decor of traditional Sherpa design.


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Let the sights and sounds of the jungle create the setting for an elegant retreat in the heart of Nepal's most resplendent natural habitat—exclusive bungalow accommodations, personalized service and opportune moments to witness the majesty of Nepal's most cherished wildlife in Chitwan National Park. The thrill and tranquility of experiencing Chitwan coalesce at Kasara Resort, where you can indulge your senses, whether your preference is for pampering or exotic adventure.


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Gokarna Forest Resort captures the essence of many flavors of Nepal, providing a peaceful and comfortable sanctuary, with the splendors of the valley and vibrant downtown life just minutes away. Situated just outside the kathmandu city with 470 acres of ancient forest, the resort is the perfect gateway for a few days pampering at the spa, spectacular golf, enchanting forest walks, and time close to nature.

Ker & downey


Ker & Downey offers the finest, most complete adventure program in Nepal. Our programs enable you to experience all aspects of this wonderful exciting country. Located in the Annapurna Region, we offer trails using purpose built lodges constructed and managed by an American company with 20 years experience in both Africa and Nepal. All lodges are a days walk apart and allow guests to experience in comfort some of the most spectacular mountain vistas in the world.

Yeti Air

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Tara air serves more than 28 destinations of the country mainly the remote parts of Nepal with difficult terrain. Because of its quality services and destination it covers, Tara Air has been able to capture almost 68% of the market share and has able to become one of the safest and reliable airlines.


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Yeti Airlines has the largest fleet in the country. It not only has the extensive network of destination but also is one of the most reliable airlines in terms of safety and services. For the past 12 years, the Airlines has served both the isolated population of Nepal (living in far-flung mountain areas), and holidaying trekkers and climbers.

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